Downloadable Flyers

Jan 30-Feb 1 Sebring C1/C2 Classic with Ron Libby

May 15-17 Branson Extravaganza A2/C1 Weekend with Darryl Lipscomb and Gary Showmake

May 22-24 Detroit C3B Weekend Ypsilanti, Michigan

October 17-19 Texas Premier, Advanced & Challenge Weekend

October 23-25 Heartland Jubilee, Kings Island, OH A2-C3B


June 17-20 AACE Convention , Indianapolis, IN A2,C1,C2,C3A,C3B,C4

June 23-26 Kirkwood C3A Week with Vic Ceder

August 3-6         Kirkwood C2 Concept Week      with Darryl Lipscomb

August 13-16          Advanced and Challenge Callers School    Sunny Vale, CA.

August 7-8         Kirkwood C3A Weekend            with Darryl Lipscomb